Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sauna with mates

Original post retrieved from 27.08.2010

We thought we should end the summer with a proper sauna. We set the stage, budged the furniture and our backs out of position, cooked and hooked and invited the best friends and family to join us for the evening. Along curvy and narrow dirt roads through the beautiful Estonian forest, all the dearest people managed to reach the destination. Stage-action was recorded on video, perhaps some of it will be brought to you some day (when it will be brought to us some day)

Look at photos taken at the concert


1 Moonlight

2 That Girl

3 No Changes Here

4 Song Of Soul

5 Personal

6 Mellow

7 Waiting For Tomorrow

8 Strange Ways

9 For Champagne And Chocolate

10 Sada Mälestust

11 Searching

12 Poet

13 Town Of Nowhere

14 Through My Fingers

15 Changing Lines

16 Going Where

17 Feather In The storm

18 Mänguasjadeta Laps

19 Pretending

20 Jigsaw World

21 Sharply Blurry

22 Get To You

23 She'll Never Know

24 Fear And Freedom

25 Love Let Go

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