Saturday, October 8, 2011

No cookies for Dwam

We had a very good short gig yesterday, great audience and socially the whole event was fun enough. Thanks for the sound tech, organizers and so on. Unfortunately, only 2 of 8 bands on stage were passed to semi finals and this time, the jury decided otherwise. One of the chosen ones were our very favourites - The Blinking Lights who really conquered the stage, unbelievable. Congratulations! And the other - Taavi Peterson & √údi. We still have the hope of being chosen additionally by audience voting. We still declare that Dwam was certainly the most original artist out there yesterday, still not enough of a live show band which we knew all along. All in all we're very happy to have participated and for a lot of good contacts and a great night. We should also gain a live video and lots of stuff soon from our shortest gig ever. Cheers!

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