Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No ships built here today

Original post retrieved from 10.09.2010
Tartu. For people from the south who weren't able to come to our seaside paradise (read the previous story below) - we had to go to them, to the riverside. Heikki organized a stage for us at the cosy tar- and wood-scented Emajõe barge building pavillion. This time EC gave us a mixer desk a bit too big, that later on, played tricks on us - all set on stage done with the soundcheck, we went off stage to wait for the right moment. Exitedly coming back on, the mics had stopped cooperating with the mixer desk. After a slight delay we decided not to let people wait and went acoustic. Ironic as it is, the same morning we had just discussed while rehearsing on acoustics, that we should do an acoustic concert some day, it sounds good...
Thank you everybody for the warm cherished emotion we got from there!


1 Going Where

2 Town Of Nowhere

3 No Changes Here

4 Song Of Soul

5 Personal

6 Mellow

7 Waiting For Tomorrow

8 Strange Ways

9 Innocent Eyes

10 Moonlight

11 Searching

12 Poet

13 For Champagne And Chocolate

14 Sada Mälestust

15 Through My Fingers

16 Pretending

17 That Girl

18 Changing Lines

19 Feather In The Storm

20 Jigsaw World

21 Sharply Blurry

22 She'll Never Know

23 Mänguasjadeta Laps

24 Get To You

25 Fear And Freedom

26 Love Let Go

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