Saturday, January 14, 2012

As The Winter Wind Contemplates

We were forgetting ourselves (despite Madis being absent) and somehow a mobile phone recorded this on the floor, amazed by this without remembering what we had played just the moment before. It was then just a question of a title.

Photo by Pal Hermansen
Music by Kristian Pentus & Mats-Laes Nuter

As The Winter Wind Contemplates by Dwam

Saturday, October 8, 2011

No cookies for Dwam

We had a very good short gig yesterday, great audience and socially the whole event was fun enough. Thanks for the sound tech, organizers and so on. Unfortunately, only 2 of 8 bands on stage were passed to semi finals and this time, the jury decided otherwise. One of the chosen ones were our very favourites - The Blinking Lights who really conquered the stage, unbelievable. Congratulations! And the other - Taavi Peterson & Üdi. We still have the hope of being chosen additionally by audience voting. We still declare that Dwam was certainly the most original artist out there yesterday, still not enough of a live show band which we knew all along. All in all we're very happy to have participated and for a lot of good contacts and a great night. We should also gain a live video and lots of stuff soon from our shortest gig ever. Cheers!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Packed to go

After today's productive rehearsal, we have all the stuff packed and ready to go for tomorrow. Soundcheck @ 12:00 and going on stage 18:30. For the three songs we have to perform, we had the brand new "Hallutsinatsioon" and "Astronaut's Dream" picked up from the start. For the third, we digged out a song from our older repertory - "That Girl", which hasn't seen stage lights for a long time. Going to be groovy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chopping competition

Out of 83 demos sent to the competition, we were chosen among 32 bands to participate in Noortebänd 2011 (Young band 2011). The first round will take place this Friday, the 7th and we'll have to perform 3 songs on stage, including the demo we sent (Hallutsinatsioon). Of course, we're all excited and looking forward to winning, obviously (which will certainly happen, no doubt). Rehearsing the hell out of these three songs now today and tomorrow.

Three silhouettes in the night

Original post retrieved from 16.07.2011

We were invited to the eleemosynary (lovely word) Põrguvärk festival (okay, it means „fund-raising“) near Elva, South-Estonia. We got the chance to use an extra high model of Ford Tourneo Connect, which was extremely comfy to drive around with all the equipment. Especially when taking in concideration that we had about a thousand km to run (in terms of Estonia, it’s a lot). Estonia is just beautiful and this story could be based on that alone but I think... where was I... oh yes, the concert. Always getting lost onto the right roads we got there in the morning, met the organizer, Elli (mentionable words of praise and thanks right away) and cought a quick glimpse of the stage and the place. Then drove back to even further south, Suur Munamägi (Haanja), grabbed Madis basically straight from the stage after his performance there and right back to the festival. Then we were called for a soundcheck but were also called off because our dismounting of the local drumset and the very small time limit would have been just too much. So suddenly we weren’t in a rush after all. We chilled out, sat outside with the guitars, Madis had his Cajon and we just jammed. Shortly, a local rapper joined us from nowhere. Wasn’t too bad actually. Then we met another performer for the night, Prägnantne Brigaad. They were just so adorable, two cool guys and from what we had heard from the soundcheck, they were good. Finally with all the delays, we went on stage at about something after 1AM. After the Prägnantne Brigaad had made a deep impression on us and the audience, it was a bit scary to go on stage. But all went well, what appeared to be a quick soundcheck, melted into the first song and we carried on until the end. Big thanks and a bow to the soundman. It was all perfect from the start. Everyone just adored Madis on his unusual percussion and clapped along to a lot of songs which was just amazing. We finished at about 2:30AM and overwhelmingly felt how it was our best performance to this point. Second ever with all three of us. As we couldn’t stop, Kristian got in the back seat with his Julia (the guitar) and with the early morning daylight fading in, we hit the road whilst singing and feeling great. Special thanks to Kadi (who sings great by the way) for being our irreplaceable head of documentation (read: groupie). Thanks to her, you can see the photos and videos of the concert via the links below. Over’n’out.

See PHOTOS of the concert ---- See VIDEOS of the concert


1 Vanade Majade

2 Pretending

3 Ghostride

4 I’ll Turn Your Love Letters Into Compost

5 Sada Mälestust

6 Moonlight

7 Between Days

8 Poet

9 Muinasjutuvestja

10 Two Sides

11 Myself

12 Unistus

13 Mellow

14 Goodbye

15 Waiting For Tomorrow

16 Up

17 Love Let Go

No ships built here today

Original post retrieved from 10.09.2010
Tartu. For people from the south who weren't able to come to our seaside paradise (read the previous story below) - we had to go to them, to the riverside. Heikki organized a stage for us at the cosy tar- and wood-scented Emajõe barge building pavillion. This time EC gave us a mixer desk a bit too big, that later on, played tricks on us - all set on stage done with the soundcheck, we went off stage to wait for the right moment. Exitedly coming back on, the mics had stopped cooperating with the mixer desk. After a slight delay we decided not to let people wait and went acoustic. Ironic as it is, the same morning we had just discussed while rehearsing on acoustics, that we should do an acoustic concert some day, it sounds good...
Thank you everybody for the warm cherished emotion we got from there!


1 Going Where

2 Town Of Nowhere

3 No Changes Here

4 Song Of Soul

5 Personal

6 Mellow

7 Waiting For Tomorrow

8 Strange Ways

9 Innocent Eyes

10 Moonlight

11 Searching

12 Poet

13 For Champagne And Chocolate

14 Sada Mälestust

15 Through My Fingers

16 Pretending

17 That Girl

18 Changing Lines

19 Feather In The Storm

20 Jigsaw World

21 Sharply Blurry

22 She'll Never Know

23 Mänguasjadeta Laps

24 Get To You

25 Fear And Freedom

26 Love Let Go

Sauna with mates

Original post retrieved from 27.08.2010

We thought we should end the summer with a proper sauna. We set the stage, budged the furniture and our backs out of position, cooked and hooked and invited the best friends and family to join us for the evening. Along curvy and narrow dirt roads through the beautiful Estonian forest, all the dearest people managed to reach the destination. Stage-action was recorded on video, perhaps some of it will be brought to you some day (when it will be brought to us some day)

Look at photos taken at the concert


1 Moonlight

2 That Girl

3 No Changes Here

4 Song Of Soul

5 Personal

6 Mellow

7 Waiting For Tomorrow

8 Strange Ways

9 For Champagne And Chocolate

10 Sada Mälestust

11 Searching

12 Poet

13 Town Of Nowhere

14 Through My Fingers

15 Changing Lines

16 Going Where

17 Feather In The storm

18 Mänguasjadeta Laps

19 Pretending

20 Jigsaw World

21 Sharply Blurry

22 Get To You

23 She'll Never Know

24 Fear And Freedom

25 Love Let Go